What is Borrower Journey

through this borrower journey one can apply for business or loan for individual needs from anywhere, anytime without visiting a bank branch and get multiple loan offers from more than 21 banks.

we had the borrower journey 1.0 in place but with time the process updates and new validations were added.

we were facing a huge user bounce ratio which leads us to Borrower Journey 2.0

Why Borrower Journey 2.0

  1. Handling multiple loan applications for same Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  2. The long and complex form filling process takes a lot of time
  3. Poor error handling. (Something went wrong was there in list of errors)
  4. Lack of upfront information causing so much doubts in users mind before taking any decision
  5. Not so great user experience for mobile users
  6. Outdated design asking for a much required design and functionality updates

Finding Pain Points Before Jumping to Solutions

By then we were aware of above mentioned issues but we need more solid pain points before start designing the effective solution. To accomplish this task we did our research by