Why Mobile App ?

we were consistently getting over 45% of traffic from mobile. and our platform was not that much optimised for mobile experience.

So we had 2 options

  1. We could make our web version better for mobile experience
  2. we could push the envelope and develop a dedicated interface using Mobile App

We decided to do both

as we wanted our web version to support mobile and make it more easy to use for the customer.

Mobile App was pretty much blank canvas and we could experiment to create a separate and interesting experience on mobile

Objectives for Mobile App

we wanted our mobile app to be free from constraints of existing platform as much as possible. So we sat together and formed a team which would work independently with sole focus in mind

<aside> 💡 How can we make it more easy and engaging for the borrower ?


Our guiding Principle while working on this app

  1. Keep it simple and stupid
  2. Provide lot's of information to user upfront before asking for any decisions
  3. Allow User to complete his/her loan journey in a relaxed way